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Federal Court is Different

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The recent case of The Florida Bar vs. Cyrus A. Bischoff, SC14-2049, March 2, 2017 illustrates the point that Federal Court is not for beginners. This article will not address the potential issues with the sanction in this case as this article is intended as a cautionary admonition to lawyers in general. Having said that, before you litigate in Federal Court make sure you know the law and procedure. It is imperative that the practitioner have experience with the rules of procedure. That experience can come from numerous sources not the least of which would be mentoring. The strict rules and regulations that govern federal litigation must be adhered to by the practitioner and requires knowledge obtained from numerous sources.

Michigan lawyer disbarred for resume lies

Friday, January 27, 2017

A Michigan lawyer should be disbarred for alleged online and resumé lies about his law firm, law licenses, work history and participation on a U.S. Olympic team, according to the state attorney discipline board.

Lawyer Ali Zaidi made misrepresentations that “run the gamut from outlandish and extravagant to what might be termed modifications of his record inspired by some actual events,” according to the Jan. 11 opinion affirming a hearing panel’s order of disbarment.