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Defending Florida Bar Complaint

If you need Defending Florida Bar Complaint it is important how you initially react since most lawyers have little or no experience with the discipline system.  Bar Complaints arise from a variety of issues and are much too extensive to be categorized in this information.  However as an example an attorney can be accused of failing to return phone calls, failing to keep the client informed as to the status of his case and numerous activities that upset clients and judges all the way up to taking money from your trust account without authorization. You will need defense aginst the Florida Bar.

Many attorneys try to represent themselves and that usually does not turn out well.  It is not a good idea to represent yourself since you are not objective in your own situation.  The reality is that when you represent yourself, you are like every injured person who tried to deal pro se with an adjuster. You're expecting the same fair treatment that a suspected criminal wants when talking to the police.  The reality is that the Florida Bar is an adversary when it is asked to review lawyer misconduct. Florida Bar Complaints application.

When a formal Florida Bar complaint is unavoidable, Richard B Marx will assist you in effectively defending your license to practice law. His experience and legal skills have provided his clients with excellent results.

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Responding to a Florida Bar Complaint Inquiry on your own – Don’t do it!